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Paving and surfaces

Prefabricated paving (tiles, paving stones, mosaics, etc) and continuous concrete surfaces in situ (roads, platforms, terraces, open air courts, etc.)


“Transportation is within the 36% of the total energy consumption of the country - according to the ACTION PLAN 2008-2012. The transport sector is responsible for the emission of 32 % of the greenhouse gases (especially CO2)”.

As the CO2 emission from combustion engines are heavier than air (air:1,4; CO2:1,8) they lie close to the ground, therefore the incorporation of GeoSilex® to the road surfaces and urban sidewalks acts very effectively collecting that CO2.

The environmental legislation has also advanced in last two decades. The most significant are: LAW 34/2007, of November 15, of quality of the air and protection of the atmosphere; The Urban Environment Strategy, Strategy of Sustainable Development, Thematic European Strategy of Urban Environment, January 11 of 2.006 and the Green Book of Urban Environment.



Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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