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Types of active paving with GeoSilex



KlimCO paving


CO2 collector

GeoSilex® is produced from industrial residues generated in the manufacture of acetylene, it is optimized and purified, and its energy and environmental cost are very low. GeoSilex® has a high capacity to collect environmental CO2 necessary for the transformation in to calcium carbonate according to the following reaction: Ca(OH)2 (100g) + CO2 (60g) → CaCO3 (135,68g) + H2O (24,32g)


Calcic hydroxide due to his high PH prevents the fixation of living microorganisms and innerts organic sediments.


KlimCO-NOx paving

Reduction of other toxic gases. NOx

GeoSilex® is the material with an energy and environmental cost recovered that comprises the best conditions to combine with photocatalytic TiO2. Though its major efficiency has been demonstrated in NOx reduction it also has purifying effects of the organic compounds that form the non-burnt hydrocarbons.


The use of the photocatalytic TiO2 is already generalized in coating of exterior surfaces due to its autocleaning effect preventing the fixation of dust that generally takes advantage of organic elements to stick fast.


Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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