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Types of active building fronts with GeoSilex


 Characteristics of the system of cavity walls GeoSilex®


It is a system of light cavity wall that allows its function to be changed in the winter - summer cycles. In summer it removes energy and in winter it accumulates it. In addition, the material of exterior locking, prefabricated 80x40x3 cm plates, incorporates GeoSilex®, a high collecting CO2 conglomerate, obtained from industrial residues with hardly any environmental impact.

The plates look like sandstone, very low density (0.98), behaves as a good thermal insulator one of high thermal inertia and low conductivity (0.30), and with regards to the properties of constructive technology they are characterized for incorporating metallic insertions that facilitate the fixation to the supports, without screws, safely earthquake-proof and replaceable in case of deterioration.
They can be sawn, molded, pierced, stuck, fixed, etc., with tools and simple operations. They have dimensional stability at normal temperatures. 


Characteristics of GeoSilex® directly applied on existing fronts for energy rehabilitation of Buildings


When the installation of a cavity wall is not possible, this has plates of great thickness (10 cm) and fixing lugs to an adjustable wall that do not need rastrels. The plates are light themselves and they provide thermal insulation due to their low thermal conductivity.


Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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