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Building fronts

 Energy efficiency of buildings and collection of CO2


The European Parliament approved in May 2010 the last modification of the EPBD 

On May 18 of 2010 the European Parliament approved the modification of the EPDB recast. A new legislation is established for the state members in the energy efficiency of buildings, with special emphasis on the actions of existing buildings. The following paragraphs are outlined:

1. The state members must establish minimum requirements for the energy improvement of existing buildings.

2. The minimum of 1,000 m2 of surface to apply the minimal requirements when buildings recovery is eliminated. Therefore, the minimum requirements will be mandatory for all the works of rehabilitation, regardless of the surface.

3. The Certificates of Energy efficiency will have to be available to the public in all the buildings, including commercial and public, over 500m2.

4. The governments must stimulate the application of improvements associated with the energy certification of existing buildings of the public sector so that these buildings are exemplary.

5. Putting in place more strict systems of control to ensure the fulfillment of these obligations.

6. A requirement is established for the building owners to inform the potentials buyers of the improvements obtained with the energety rehabilitation and its level of energy certification.

Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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