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8 maximum qualities

For an ideal sustainable construction material

7. To cooperate with other environmental materials to improve efficiency.

The gases that cause most concern at present are CO2 and NOx. If the additives for concrete available to attack these gases, and photocatalytic TiO2, were incompatible, this  would force us to have to choose between one of them, losing the action against one another.

Catalysis is the process that increases or diminishes the speed of a chemical reaction. The catalysts can act in two ways, the first one forming an intermediate compound and second, absorption. Those which reduce the speed of the reaction are named "negative catalysts" or inhibiting. And, the substances that increase the activity of the catalysts are named positive catalysts or promoters, and those who deactivate them are named catalytic poisons.

From the beginning of the investigation on GeoSilex® we had in mind that both products and both actions were compatible.

The addition of GeoSilex® to concretes with Photocatalytic  TiO2 does not produce interferences in the power of oxidation of titanium dioxide.

There have been tests with mixtures with GeoSilex®, Portland cement, arid siliceous pozzonas and pozzolanas (metakaoline and microspheres of silica) to which has been added between 0,3 % and 15 % in weight of dioxide of photocatalytic  titanium by nanometrics particles of sizes similar to those of the calcium hydroxide of the GeoSilex and a good anchorage of the particles has been verified in  the hydraulic precipitates produced (aluminates and calcic hydrated silicates), making the particles of titanium exposed to the air due to the permeability that the pores found in the aggregations.

EDX's microanalyses demonstrate that the particles of TiO2 are exposed in the surface of the pores, at the time that they are anchored between the mass of cementing microparticles of silicates and aluminates hydrated calcites, and calcium hydroxides and calcite that form a very porous matrix.

If GeoSilex® is applied together with TiO2 it will prove successful with harmful gases such as NOx and offer other advantages:

The main one is that as it has a very basic PH, the particles will be loaded negatively, which at first the TiO2 will have a maximum aptitude to oxidize both the NOx and other molecules, and due to the GeoSilex®, avoiding interferences with the power of oxidation of titanium oxide(e.g. hydrocarbons cop cyclical aromatic fruit of the incomplete combustion of derivatives of the oil).

Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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