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8 maximum qualities

For an ideal sustainable construction material

8. Durability.

Calcic hydroxide has cementing properties since it carbonates in presence of the atmospheric CO2 forming CaCO3. The above mentioned carbonate can dissolve and re-precipitate refilling fractures. This self healing(“SELF-HEALING”: HANSEN, E.; RODRÍGUEZ-NAVARRO, C. & VAN BALEN, K. 2008 LIME PUTTIES AND MORTARS: INSIGHTS INTO FUNDAMENTAL PROPERTIES. STUDIES IN CONSERVATION, 53, 9-23) contributes to the structural stability of  the elements constructed with Portland cement treated with hydrated lime.

D Diverse studies carried out in the 1970s demonstrated that the presence of Ca(OH)2 cements type Portland (ORDINARY PORTLAND CEMENT: OPC) had a key importance in the mechanical resistance of the same ones since the crystals of portlandite were acting as obstacles for the spread of fractures (BERGER, R.L. (1972) CALCIUM HYDROXIDE: ITS ROLE IN THE FRACTURE OF TRICALCIUM SILICATE PASTE. SCIENCE, 175, 626-629). That is why the addition of Ca(OH)2 could improve the mechanical long-term resistance of such cements.

GeoSilex® contributes to the durability of the Concrete.

It grants a high PH and contributes to the chemical stability of the long-term cement. Also it disables the corrosion of metals in reinforced concretes. The addition of GeoSilex® to the cement promotes and lengthens the above mentioned effect, contributing to its durability. GEOSILEX® PATENT. TRENZAMETAL Y DPTO. MINERALOGÍA Y PETROLOGÍA. GRANADA UNIVERSITY.

Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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