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8 maximum qualities

For an ideal sustainable construction material

5. Energy efficiency in the manufacturing process.

The industry sector is responsible for 31% of the energy consumption of our country.(IDAE)

Action plan 2008-2012 of the Strategy of Saving and Energy efficiency in Spain.

Strategic aims:

  • To recognize in the saving and the energy efficiency an instrument of economic growth and of social well-being.
  • To shape the suitable conditions in order to spread the knowledge, saving energy efficiency in all the national Strategies and specially the Spanish Strategy of Climate change.
  • To promote market competition regarding saving and energy.

The remaining fluid generated in the manufacture of GeoSilex , behaves as a flux that reduces the energy consumption in the boiling of ceramic bricks.

Influence of the calcite in the energy efficiency of the production of bricks.

The use of calcium carbonate as an additive allows us to diminish  the energy consumption in the production of bricks between 20% and 30%, maintaining the physical and  mechanical  properties of the products. This represents a significant contribution to the economic and ecological sustainability of the production of bricks.” AUTHORS: DRA. ARQ. DANIA BETANCOURT CURA (CUBA), DRSC. ING. FERNANDO MARTIRENA HERNÁNDEZ (CUBA), DR. ROBERT DAY (CANADA), MSC. ING. YOSVANY DÍAZ (CUBA)

The benefits in the use of residues generated in the manufacture of GeoSilex in the ceramic industry have been three-fold: it eliminates residues, improves the quality of the ceramic and produces an energy saving by reducing the boiling point of the clay.

Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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