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100% from residues

Zero energy and environmental cost


Industrial limes do not have any environmental use. Due to the fact that industrial lime is obtained by the burning at high temperatures of calcium carbonate found in nature as limestone, the manufacturing process releases CO2 to the environment in massive quantities in two different ways. The first one is because, in the chemical process, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) releases CO2 (46% of the weight of the limestone) to form calcium oxide (CaO) and other one is caused in the incineration where there is a high energy consumption.


It is necessary to also add many other operations in the industrial process that release CO2 in a direct and indirect way. Besides consuming water resources and other materials, the excavations, operations of hydration, drying, grinding and packaging in non-returnable packing accumulate harmful important emission. The environmental balance of the industrial limes is negative, increases CO2 emissions, harmful to the environment.


As a calcium hydroxide that comes entirely from residues, GeoSilex® is the only environmentally friendly chemical due to its great capacity of absorb CO2 (the equivalent to 50% of the weight of GeoSilex®) and close to zero energy consumption.


The totality of the remaining fluid that is generated by the GeoSilex®’s manufacture is recycled in the ceramic industry as a reducer on the temperature generated by the boiling of clays, achieving an important reduction in the energy consumption in the manufacture of ceramic products. Thus the manufacture takes place without any type of leak or harmful emissions and minimizes the energy consumption in the whole process.


 Environmental cost of the obtaining of the industrial lime vs. obtaining of the GeoSilex®


Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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