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New urban development model


The construction crisis is also the crisis of a real-estate and urban development model.



The energetic crisis and of the real-estate model, not only in Spain, but in all the developed countries has made the administrations rethink the new urban development model. The "White Book of Sustainability" in the Urban development Spanish Planning of 2010 gathers and establishes the criteria spread across different laws, regulations, procedure and boards of national and European areas in order that, brought together in just one document, they can use as guide and form a body of general coherent criteria with regard to different problems.

Law 34/2007, of November 15, of quality of the air and protection of the atmosphere. PREÁMBULO-1

The atmosphere is a common indispensable good for the life of all mankind, has the right of its use and enjoyment and the obligation of its conservation.

Strategy of the urban environment

The frame of actions of this Strategy is in the European Strategy of Sustainable Development. This European frame, in its last review chose a limited number of aims: contribution to stopping the process of climate change, the sustainability in the systems of transport, the directors' adoption of production and sustainable consumption, the improvement in the management and the prevention of the overexploitation of the natural resources... and in general the sustainable global development and the fulfillment of international mandates.

The great conflicts of urban mobility

• The increase in the emissions of greenhouse gases in Spain is three times the level allowed by the protocol of Kyoto, transport being one of the sectors that have behaved worst in the matter, having increased their emissions between 1.990 and 2003 and 57%, representing 28% of the total emissions.

• Diseases and deaths are caused by bad air quality produced by traffic. According to diverse European studies, air pollution in Europe causes 350,000 premature deaths a year. Of them, 16,000 correspond to Spain. In our country, because of air pollution, 3 times the number of people die from air pollution than from the traffic accidents and almost 11 times more than in work accidents.

Directives for the strategy of urban environment in the area of sustainable building

Strategies tending to increase the efficiency in the use of resources and the maintenance of the biodiversity.

4.14. To boost the use of re-used, recycled and renewable materials, defining policies of waste management and of incorporation of recycling in the materials of construction.

Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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