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 What is GeoSilex®?

It is an additive for concrete obtained from residues which also acts as a CO2 collector


GeoSilex®, is a CO2 collector, with no CO2 foot print, obtained after the purification and optimization of selected residual carbide limes. Its use in paving and building fronts reduces the energy and environmental costs of the materials, provides the buildings and the streets with an important activity filter system and recycles the residues of the acetylene industry.

GeoSilex®’s patent, developed by Geosilex Trenza Metal S.L. and the University of Granada not only protects the multiple applications of the Calcic Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) in highly reactive nanometrics formations  obtained in the process. The patented process, neutralizes the effect of impurities of the residues due to the presence of sulfurs, sulfites and sulfates; eliminates the remains of organic carbon, which avoid the reaction of the carbide lime in contact with silica and aluminosilicates; boosts puzzolanic hydraulic reactions; modulates its capacity to absorb from the environment and carbonatation; and it preserves the faculty of the particles to produce aggregations with three-dimensional very coherent microstructure.


The result is a material with cement properties for the formation of agglomerates, produced practically without energy or environmental cost with the absorbing of capturing CO2 equivalent to 50 % of its weight.



Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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