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8 maximum qualities

For an ideal sustainable construction material.

1. Manufacture from residues or with the minor consumption of not renewable raw materials.

 97% of GeoSilex® components come from industrial residues.


5. Energy consumption produced from the boiling.

The remaining fluid generated from GeoSilex® production acts as a flux reducing the energy consumption in the boiling of ceramic bricks.

2. Manufactured with zero carbon footprint.

GeoSilex® is a lime obtained without CO2 emissions and energy minimal cost.


6. When applied, GeoSilex® cooperates with the rest of materials increasing its efficiency overall.

The addition of GeoSilex® produces a reservoir of portlandite that lengthens the life of the concretes.

3. Reduction of CO2 activity in useful life.

GeoSilex® captures and stores CO2. Reduces 30% the carbon footprint of the cement.


7. Working together with other environmentally friendly materials increases the efficiency of its activity.

The addition of GeoSilex® to the concretes with a photocatalytic TiO2 increases the reduction of NOx.

4. To generate neither residues nor leaks in the manufacturing process.

The totality of the remaining fluid that is generated in GeoSilex® manufacture is reused in glass manufacture increasing the mechanical resistance and reduces the water absorption of the bricks.


8. Durability.

GeoSilex® grants a high PH and contributes to a longer cement chemical stability and durability.

Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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