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Global warming

Effects on human health


Increase in the transmission of diseases
through food and water.


Increase in summer deaths
due to high temperatures.


Air pollution
with harmful effects on our health.


Extreme meteorological events
extreme rainfall, floods, droughts.


In Spain the diseases linked to transmission vectors may increase, due to its proximity with Africa and because of climatic conditions, near those areas where this type of diseases is found. The possible risk would come from geographical extension of already established vectors or from the import and installation of subtropical vectors adapted to survive in climates which are drier and not as hot.

There were 6,500 deaths in Spain due to the heat wave between August 1-15, 2003
According to the National Center of Epidemiology.

The heat wave of the summer of 2,003 might give us an idea of the problem of the increase in temperature for human health. In nearby countries the casualties were: Portugal: 1,316, France: 14,802, Italy: 20,000 (June - September).

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