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Reductive of the environmental CO2

Air-purifying concrete additive geosilex

What isgeosilex ?

Un potente reactivo captador de carbono.. Saldo medioambiental positivo. 500 Kg. CO2 eq / tonelada. obtenido totalmente de residuos industriales. Coste energético y medioambiental cero.

GeoSilex® is produced from optimized and purified industrial residues generated in the manufacture of acetylene, whose energy and environmental costs have been practically recovered in the generation of the residues by the main product (acetylene).

In addition, it has a high capacity to collect environmental CO2 as its composition is unstable calcium hydroxide optimized to collect the required amount of CO2 to be transformed into calcium carbonate according to the following:

Materiales para arquitectura activa frente al CO2

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